Miracle on the Hudson


US Airways flight 1529 on January 15th 2009 crash landed in the Hudson river barely six minutes after it took off from New York’s LaGuardia airport at 3:15PM. Two minutes into the flight, the Airbus 320 encountered a flock of Branta Canadensis (Canada goose) which both engines ingested and the flight lost thrust. The hero of the story was Captain Sullenberger. Just before the brought down his plane on the Hudson, he calmly instructed, “This is your captain. Brace for impact.”

This is an animation reconstruction of the flight. I watched this several times as I wanted to watch all the action on the screen: the altimeter and the air speed indicator, included. There is a lot of information at this exosphere3d site. Lots of videos as well. (Hat tip: JP.)

David Martin is one lucky guy. He got to record the rescue of the plane from the river from the comfort of his own apartment. He published the time-lapse video of the operation. He writes:

On January 15th 2009, “The Miracle on the Hudson” US Airways Flight 1549 crash landed outside my window in the Hudson river here in New York. Over 72hrs, I captured time-lapse footage of the half submerged A320 Airbus as it grasped for breath as it fought with the elements of nature. The below short movie tells it’s story.

Exclusive unseen video footage of the Miracle on the Hudson, flight 1549 New York City from David Martin on Vimeo.


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